Taste & Quality

Real de Cote is a young and dynamic company, but at the same time with a long tradition.


For more than 10 years we have combined our passion for extra virgin olive oil and work, with the experience and tradition of our father Federico Cardenete, and without forgetting the family roots of the company.

About us


Real de Cote is located in the rustic farm located in Montellano (Seville). It is located at an altitude of 250 meters and 66 kilometers from the provincial capital, Seville.


From which we visualize the silhouette of the Cote Castle as a vestige of a past of splendor thanks to its privileged location in the place that the Arabs called Mont Aqut. rises to 526 meters of height on the level of the sea in the extreme southeast of the mountain range of Montellano.

Real de Cote controls the entire production process from the collection of olives to bottling, because we know that in this way is the only way to guarantee our final consumer the highest quality.


The special care of the fruit from flowering to grinding, harvested at the optimum point of ripeness and careful preparation, result in virgin olive oils of exceptional quality.


The variety of olives that we process is Monovarietal Chamomile characteristic of this region, it reflects the purity and freshness that reminds us of the fruit from which it comes, creating a harmonious effect of bitterness and itching of medium intensity.

Gourmet Olive Oil
Marinated Olives

The beneficial effects of the olive juice were already known by our ancestors, pioneers of their cultivation. Virgin olive oil has a high energy value and provides an important number of vitamins, highlighting its content in vitamin E, A, D and K. Its high content of vitamin E makes it important against aging and skin care .


It also helps lower blood cholesterol levels. At digestive level, the acidity of the stomach decreases and inhibits gastric secretion, improving intestinal absorption. It is a reliable protector against cardiovascular disorders. It helps prevent arteriosclerosis and in the endocrine system improves metabolic functions.